API products

Before you leverage the power of Beeline APIs, you'll want to understand what you can use them for. Beeline's turnkey APIs empower you to efficiently manage your organization's extended workforce platform data

Beeline APIs are REST (REpresentational State Transfer) APIs. Use them to exchange data between your Beeline platform and your internal or third-party systems using real-time machine to machine transmissions over HTTPS for easier interaction across firewalls and proxy servers.

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Client APIs

Accurate and real-time data that aligns with your continually evolving processes and business units across all your enterprise systems is essential to your organization. Managed Service Providers, Program Office Users and Beeline Administrators can use the Client APIs to manage their organization’s client-level data with record level real-time transactions.

Key features
  • Seamlessly synchronize strategic integration points and process changes immediately as they occur.
  • Modernize managing data across your enterprise applications using real-time transactions.
  • Easily keep your organization, business, location, and user data current.
  • Instantly trigger dependent activities just in time when they are needed.

Bulk Data APIs

Bulk Data APIs give Managed Service Providers, Program Office Users and Beeline Administrators an automated way to asynchronously update strategic organization and onboarded talent data in a single API call. Using the Bulk Data APIs simplifies managing and processing large datasets via batch processing.

Key features
  • Drive operational efficiency and cost-effectively manage database updates.
  • Streamline process automation by easily handling large data updates all at once.
  • Reduce the need for manual interaction.

Reporting as a Service

Leverage Beeline's Report Builder to quickly create a schema of the data fields you want to include in your APIs. Beeline's Report Builder gives you hundreds of standard reports. Plus, you can build custom reports to synchronize data field names.

With Reporting as a Service (RaaS), you can output Report Builder data to a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) API format. Beeline's JSON REST API endpoint provides convenient and seamless integration with API endpoints in your systems to ensure a continuous updated data feed.

Key features
  • Streamline your integration by building on any one of numerous standard reports.
  • Create custom reports based on your business conditions and data filters.
  • Easily export, analyze, manipulate, and integrate your data.
  • Preview API payloads.
  • Optimize integration with HTTP and RESTful APIs.
  • Eliminate custom RESTful APIs/web services and custom interfacing libraries.
  • Delivers fast, compact, and convenient serialized data.