Bulk Data APIs

Bulk Data APIs give you an automated way to asynchronously update your strategic worker and business organizational data in a single API call.

The Bulk Data APIs comprise these services: Worker, Client Onboarding and Reporting. Each Bulk Data API lets you manage large datasets for a selected date range or a specific number of records.

Key features
  • Get visibility into your organization's Talent.
  • Set up and amend Talent records with your organization's custom-defined attributes, such as certifications, accreditations, and more.
  • Set up or edit these key items for your organization: users, organizational units, work locations, and cost centers.

Worker API

Increase efficiency and accuracy when you onboard new contingent workers. Your Beeline extended workforce platform stores records of your procured workers. Easily and automatically synchronize worker, or supportive, data using the Worker API.

The Worker API automatically synchronizes data with your enterprise systems so you know when you can initiate worker onboarding and equipment/access provisioning. You can also get notifications when a worker completes his or her assignment so you can start your offboarding and deprovisioning processes at the right time.

Use the Worker API for simple individual updates or to query data. Whether you're retrieving or amending data on a worker record, using the Worker API lets you quickly synchronize Client-Defined Fields (CDFs), custom attributes, and related data points for efficient data management.

Key features
  • Get visibility into your organization's contingent workers.
  • Set up and amend worker records with your organization's custom defined attributes, such as certifications, accreditations, and more.

Client Onboarding API

At the core of your business are details about your organization, your infrastructure and your contingent workforce program, such as the geographies and work locations in which you do business, your users, your cost centers, and much more.

You're probably currently storing that foundation data in an HCM, HRIS and/or ERP system. Although you maintain your Client data in your enterprise system, you can easily synchronize that data with your Beeline extended workforce.

Whether you're a new Client setting up the Beeline platform for the first time or an existing Client updating data, use the Client Onboarding API to successfully build or update strategic integration points.

Key features
  • Setup or edit these key items for your organization:
    • Users
    • Organizational units
    • Work locations
    • Cost centers
  • Create approval chains for purchasing and ensure new requests and assignment changes conform to proper approval routing.
  • Automating updates to your Client data with the Client Onboarding API provides these benefits:
    • Synchronize data for reports on your organizational hierarchy, such as geographies and work locations.
    • Ensure accurate cost allocation codes are used for billing and invoicing.

Reporting API

Reduce the time you spend gathering complex analytics about your contingent workforce program. Build custom reports using the Reporting API RESTful technologies. Then quickly and easily integrate report data with your enterprise systems.

Key features
  • Gather analytics on these key business components for your organization:
    • Job Titles
    • Cost Allocation Units
    • Earning Codes
    • Plus, a lot more!
  • Easily export, analyze, manipulate, and integrate your data.